How to write a winning Job interview Letter

winning Job interview

Business talent recruiters spend time reading your curriculum. It is highly recommended to add a letter of presentation it can showcase additional information that is not included in your resume. This letter of presentation will allow the interviewer to know you better

Your cover letter should be carefully polished in order to grab the attention of the employer and therefore improving your chance of getting an interview. When you write the presentation letter for your job interview you can be assured that every word counts.

The most experienced recruiters will carefully analyze your writing as well as the content and readability to see if it holds up to what is needed in the corporate culture. Keep in mind that the higher the position applied for the more is expected from your job interview letter.

You’re not the only  applying for the job so the possibility of your job interview letter not being read is there. Your letter should be the most accurate possible  since employers just don’t have the time to read such types of letters.

Important steps to follow in building winning Job interview letters:

• Heading

This where you should put your full  name, phone,  and email address. You must always check the spelling  to ensure that there are no mistakes. You don’t want your letter to end up in the trash basket. because they weren’t able to reach you. An employer would usually contact during day time so if you are at work it would be best to add your work phone number, well as mobile celphone numbers should also be included.

• The First Paragraph

Write the information how you learned about the job opening. Most companies use this information as their reference in searching for best ways of attracting qualified candidates. If it happens that you saw the job opening in a classified ad then don’t forget to mention the newspaper as well as the date the ad appeared.

Highlight your main goal and the specific position you desire. Staff recruiters don’t have time to guess your motive for wanting to apply to their company. Just say the right words.

• The Second Paragraph

This paragraph indicates that  beyond what’s in your resume. talk about some of your skills such as Empathy, being a self-starter and other organizational abilities.  Show the employer why you should be hired and not someone else.  Highlight your achievements with verifiable data this is what usually interest employers. Mention the list of your most relevant achievements is another way of highlighting your experience.

• The Closing Paragraph

In the final paragraph it is convenient to that you will follow up to confirm receipt of your resume. And then ask for an interview appointment in a nice and respectful way. Remember that recruiters are impressed by applicants who show initiative and perseverance.

And while most recruiters consider the resume more than letters. writing a clear, concise and carefully tailored cover letter often can tip an employer’s scales in your favor and help you land an interview or at the very least ensure your resume is read.


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